Thursday, 2 February 2012

Volume 60 Nos 3/4 Sept/Dec 2011

Back Cover

eLearning: A Survival Strategy for Developing Countries —Robert Hogan; 

Black Power and Equitable Business Participation: Forty Years on in Trinidad and Tobago —
Lou Anne Barclay and Ralph Henry.

Notes and Comments
 The Dudus Events in Jamaica and the Future of Caribbean Politics —
Brian Meeks

Book Discussion
Michaeline Crichlow and Keith Nurse review
Essays on the Theory of Plantation Economy: A Historical and Institutional Approach to Caribbean Economic Development by Lloyd Best and Kari Polanyi Levitt,

Book Reviews 
  • The Children of Africa in the Colonies: Free People of Color in Barbados, 
  • Radical Theory, Caribbean Reality: Race, Class and Social Domination, 
  • Shouldering Antigua and Barbuda: The Life of V.C. Bird
  • Music, Media and Adolescent Sexuality in Jamaica.