Wednesday, 31 October 2012


SES Vol. 61, No. 3, September 2012
Special issue on Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights in Select Caribbean countries
guest edited by Taitu Heron and Shakira Maxwell

Class, Colour and Contraception: The Politics of Birth Control in Jamaica 1938-1958
Nicole Bourbonnais

Capturing the Moment: The Barbados Experience of Abortion Law Reform - An Interview with Dame Billie Miller Dame Billie Miller and Nicole Parris

Legal but Inaccessible: Abortion in Guyana Fred Nunes

Fighting a Losing Battle? Defending Women’s Reproductive Rights in Jamaica  Shakira Maxwell

This is a Christian Nation: Gender and Sexuality in Processes of Constitutional and Legal Reform in Jamaica Latoya Lazarus

Adverse Consequences of Uninformed Adolescent Sex In Jamaica: From STIs to Pregnancy, Abortion and Maternal Death Affette McCaw-Binns, Althea Bailey, Desmalee Holder-Nevins, Sonia Alexander

The Case of Unsafe Abortion in Trinidad and Tobago: An NGO Perspective
Glennis Hyacenth and Crystal Brizan

Between Public Policy and Private Morality: A Bioethical Analysis of Abortion and Legislative Reform
Derrick Aarons

Law and Justice special issue