Editorial Committee

  1. Verene Shepherd--Head, Gender and Development Studies, University of the West Indies (UWI).

  2.  Silvio Torres-Saillant – Professor in English at Syracuse University and until last year head of the Latino/Latin American Studies programme which covers the Caribbean.  His interests include intellectual history and diasporic cultures and relationships between diasporas and homeland.

  3. Aaron Kamugisha – Lecturer in cultural studies, UWI, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.  Interests are in Caribbean and Africana Intellectual traditions and social and political thought and cultural thought.

  4.  Ian Boxill – Sociologist, professor of comparative sociology.  Work mainly in the field of comparative sociology and anthropology.

  5. Jermain McCalpin – Works in the field of comparative political thought focusing on transitional justice, comparing truth commissions across the world using the South African and Latin American models.  Working on a research project which is looking at the assessment of Truth Commissions in Grenada and Haiti and projecting for Truth Commissions in Jamaica, Suriname and Guyana.

  6. David Tennant – lecturer in Department of Economics.  Research primarily on the financial sector and its impact on economic growth development.  Currently working on a project on recent incidents of financial sector crises – local and international and their impact on Jamaica.

  7.  Deborah Thomas – Anthropologist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania and affiliated with the department of Africana Studies and English.  Work includes nationalism, violence, migration, gender, transnationalism diaspora.  Editor of Transforming Anthropology.

  8. Sonjah Stanley Niaah – Lecturer in Cultural Studies, UWI, Mona.  Currently teaches cultural studies theory but interests lie in the nexus between performance studies, cultural studies and cultural geography.

  9. Noel Cowell – Lecturer, Management Studies, UWI, Mona.

  10. Matthew Smith – Senior Lecturer in History, UWI, Mona. Author of Red and Black  in Haiti: Radicalism, Conflict, and Political Change, 1934-1957.

  11. Alissa Trotz – Sociologist at University of Toronto and Programme Chair of the Caribbean Studies Association, 2009.

  12.  Jorge Giovanetti – Sociologist at the University of Puerto Rico and editor of Caribbean Studies journal.

  13. Michaeline Crichlow – Associate Professor, African & African-American Studies, Duke University. Research interests: Globalization, Development Studies, Postcoloniality, Nationalism/citizenship. Author of Globalization and the Post-Creole Imagination: Notes on Fleeing the Plantation.

  14.  Sudhanshu Handa – is a human resource economist in the Department of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina. He conducts research on household economic and demographic behavior in developing countries.